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ladies! jlistla is the perfect choice to provide you and  your sexy girlfriends FREE BOTTLE SERVICE and A MIDNIGHT CHAMPAGNE. type the Instagram handles of everyone joining you to coordinate your PERFECT NIGHT:

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Start your night by being greeted at the club entrance and walked to the VIP table.

There you will be welcomed by your host to serve you drinks all night.

The environment is set for the best night to come. With good vibes and the best music selection it’s time to take a picture of it all!



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premium Bottle

Service Pricing

1 to 2 people $1,000-$1,500

3 to 5 people $2,000-$3,000

6 to 9 people $4,000-up

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Why did you become a Club Promoter?

I became a PROMOTER to do what I love

What is it that you love?

being a great solution to night life where i can coordinate easy entry and best bottle service seating.

Why do you want to create this environment?

i want to create this so YOU CAN have a good club experience.

Where  did you become a PROMOTER?

Hollywood California.

How did you become a PROMOTER?

I was clubbing and got asked to bring FIVE PRETTY girls for $500 so i brought 30 pretty girls for a lot more money.

what is your message to everyone?

life is too short  WE ALL WORK very hard to keep up with daily problems. come out DRINK UP and smile.

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